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As a professional travel writer, I’ve undertaken several sponsored trips on behalf of tour operators, travel groups and tourism boards.

These international trips and multi-day excursions have included visiting North Korea, Borneo Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Morocco, France, and New Zealand.

New Zealand 2017

w/ White Island Tours

*The volcano erupted in December 2019, killing several people including a tour guide who accompanied me on my trip. As of 2020, these tours may be not running.

Explored New Zealand’s most active volcano back in 2017.

The Bangkok Post – Old New Zealand

Morocco 2017

w/ Intrepid Travel

Singapore 2018

w/ Expedia (AU)

Singapore: Off the beaten track

Explored Singapore’s lesser-known tourism including abandoned places and off-the-beaten-track destinations. This included the once-worth $3.5 billion mansions once owned by the Sultan of Johor.

South China Morning Post – 4th April 2019 – 5 destinations Singapore

The Wandering Walker – 4th January 2019 – 8 places Singapore

Opodo UK – 5th February 2019 – Off the beaten track Singapore

battleface – 20th February 2019 – Abandoned Singapore 

Travel Pocket Guide – January 2019 – 3 Off beaten track Singapore

(3 x top rankings in Google – ‘Singapore off the beaten track’)

North Korea 2019

w/ Young Pioneer Tours

North Korea special economic zone

Visited the special economic zone Rason, North Korea in 2019, writing first-hand accounts of the experience in the secretive state both for a news outlet in Australia and a major travel publication in the United States.

Matador Network – travel guide

South China Morning Post – STYLE – How to visit North Korea

news.com.au – Rason first-person story

battleface – Rason, North Korea

(2 x top rankings in Google – ‘Rason, North Korea’)

Borneo Malaysia 2019

w/ Stray Travel

Explored Borneo including trips down the Kinabatangan River, the Sepilok Orangutan reserve and watched turtles drift out to see on Libaran Island.




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