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Tommy Walker first left England back in 2012 and has been backpacking, travelling, working and living away ever since. He has travelled across six continents including extensive stints in Southeast Asia and South America. He has lived in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Argentina & Mexico.

Now Tommy is a freelance travel writer and digital marketer, working with media and travel publications worldwide, while catering to a total of 500,000 social media audience.
“The Wandering Walker” touches on Tommy’s ventures including into travel  social media marketing, photography, and travel partnerships.
Tommy has swam with Bull & Tiger sharks in Fiji, visited indigenous tribes in Colombia, flew in three-seater planes in Venezuela, embarked on 33 hour journeys from Laos to Vietnam, ridden down ‘Death Road’ in Bolivia, roamed in the Sahara Desert and visited North Korea.


Ever since I was a kid I always felt somewhere tropical and more adventurous was on the horizon for me. It was a gut instinct I always had. Up until I was 23 years old, things were pretty steady for me back home, but some things weren’t right. As many people who know me in my hometown, travelling just came and happened.

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Travel teaches you more about life than any degree or work experience ever will.

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I’ve been on the road ten years, and haven’t stopped yet…