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Tommy Walker first left England back in 2012 and has been backpacking, travelling, working and living away ever since. He has travelled across six continents including extensive stints in Southeast Asia and South America. He has lived in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Now Tommy is a freelance travel writer, columnist, journalist, social media influencer, radio personality, conservationist and ambassador. He has been featured with the BBC, Forbes, INC Magazine,, South China Morning Post,Daily Express UK, Business Insider and the Bangkok Post.
The Wandering Walker showcases Tommy Walker, his adventures and his continuous work.
The Wandering Walker is also a PR brand focusing on travel journalism, social media marketing, media, photography, blogging, referrals, collaborations and expeditions.
‘The Wandering Walker’ has swam with Bull & Tiger sharks in Fiji (and had an unfortunate nosebleed), has visited indigenous tribes in Colombia, flew in three-seater planes in Venezuela, embarked on 33 hour journeys from Laos to Vietnam, ridden down ‘Death Road’ in Bolivia, roamed in the Sahara Desert and went off-the-beaten-track in North Korea.
Tommy thrives for off the beaten track destinations and has visited Venezuela, Guyana, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Borneo, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Tonga, North Korea and Russia.
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As Tommy tells it below:

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Ever since I was a kid I always felt somewhere tropical and more adventurous was on the horizon for me. It was a gut instinct I always had. Up until I was 23 years old, things were pretty steady for me back home, but some things weren’t right. As many people who know me in my hometown, travelling just came and happened. It was a shock and something that was unexpected at the time. For the right reasons it happened and best for all round.

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“Visiting new countries is always an exciting time. I love the variety of cultures and to be honest I prefer to be completely out my comfort zone. I guess being in a state of chaos is what I thrive on. Apart from that, I love being in the jungle. I feel so alive and love venturing into the unknown. I’ve found a fascinating with the ocean and marine life so Scuba diving has been a hobby of mine. Hot Yoga is something boot-print-e1417380617699I love to do on the road to keep my mind right. Hiking is a new obsession for me, I’m quite the power Walker!

Apart from that, back home I’m a lad. I love football, a good dive bar, class banter and a parmo. Middlesbrough F.C and music is what I grew up on.”

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It’s definitely changed me and my outlook in life, 100%. I laugh about things rather than getting frustrated. It’s made me respect people for being different and allowing myself to be me is another thing. I’ve met some amazing international friends, had some incredible experiences, and learnt the tough way and the fun way.

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I’ve been on the road 7 years, travelled extensively and now work in the industry. My life revolves around travel. For group community updates via Facebook join here

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“I’m writing and appealing to you guys who are reading this, whatever you like, dislike, think or not, this website is to inspire but also have fun with telling the stories of my travels. I want you guys to see everything through mine, and to think every thought I am. To give you guys the sense of what I’m seeing whether that’s through writing, images or video. There will be top recommendations and posts to see with also backlinks to my extensive portfolio.”

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