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Where: South East Asia

When I visited: 2012

Places Visited (8): Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Mui Nhe, Saigon, Phu Quoc


Hanoi was a really vibrant city, especially in the old quarter. It had a good amount of expats, backpackers and locals that all mingled.

Halong Bay was beautiful and is a must visit in Vietnam. Boat cruises are the way to go.

Nha Trang is a mix between beach life and city life. There is a ton of money going into Nha Trang and you can see that. Vin Pearl waterpark was a blast and the Nha Trang nightlife is getting better. One of the favourites.


Vietnamese food is really good, especially Pho, beef soup with beansprouts.

Clothes quality is very good in Vietnam, especially in comparison to the rest of Asia. If you want remakes or bargain items, Vietnam is great for that. Also, making your own style sneakers is a thing here too.

Vietnam is very popular because its either up or down, north to south. That is how the country is shaped and makes it easier for people to decide where to go next.

If you want to rent a bike, or even buy one, Vietnam is the place. Its actually thought there are more motorbikes and scooters than people in Vietnam, but according to stats there are 89 million people and just under half as many motorbikes and vehicles.

War museums are for interesting visits. Some images in these are distressing however.

The Qui Chi tunnels are incredible and are a must visit in Vietnam. These tunnels were the safe havens for residents during the war with the USA.


Saigon isn’t great to be honest and is a bit more full-on than its northern counterpart, Hanoi. Bikes are rife in Vietnam but non more so than in Saigon. The capital of Vietnam can be a bit sketchy at times too.

Did I mention bikes! There are pro’s and cons but there are a HELL of a lot of bikes.

Things to know

Vietnam is either up or down, north to south. That is how the country is shaped and makes it easier for people to decide where to go next.

Vietnamese Dong is the currency in Vietnam, and goes up in high numbers so don’t be surprised to have ‘millions’ in the pocket, 1 million Dong is 30 pounds or 44 US Dollars


Vietnam, a similar budget in the rest of Asia is around 1,000 US a month but you can do it much cheaper if you want. 1,000 pounds is a good budget too, however if you stick to street food, local accommodation and transport and drink less the costs come down even more.

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