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Where: South America

When: 2014

Places I visited (5): Caracas, Isla Margarita, Los Roques, Ciudad Bolivar, Canaima (Angel Falls)


Reaching the world’s highest waterfall was probably the biggest highlight for me in Venezuela. The journey in itself via motorboat was something else. There were streets of jungle and titanic mountains in all panoramic view. The waterfall itself is so refreshing, especially after swimming below it.

Los Roques was the best islands I’ve visited in my life. It was a place that paradise can be used and rightly so. These white sand islands are UN-inhabited and were a place to recoup. Scuba diving shipwrecks were pretty awesome too!


Venezuela boasts amazing scenery and outdoor adventures. Whether its Angel Falls or Mount Roraima, Venezuela is a hikers dream.

For foreigners, tourists etc. it can be very, very cheap. The currency rates are crazy good on the black market and it can make this one of the cheapest countries in the world.


Venezuela is very dangerous at the moment and Caracas is near the top most dangerous city in the WORLD. It can be unsettling at night so you have keep on look out.

There is little structure for transport in Venezuela, one minute you’ll be queuing up for a ticket next minute there will be a bus going to the same destination heckling you to get on board.

Things you should know

Venezuela is dangerous and would recommend travellers with experience to visit here. There are few hostels in the whole of the country, so posadas or hotels are often used. The black market rate for currency can go from 50 – 80 – 100 – 300 Bolivars for 1 US Dollar. You can exchange this on the street or even in stores. Be careful of scammers though. Venezuela’s political and economic state creates desperation for the US Dollar currency. Never wear jewellery or accessories, even a watch! I had a 2-dollar watch and was told to take it off, as it’s a potential gift for thieves and suitors.


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