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Tommy Tips

It really depends where you go, but if you are going somewhere hot and exotic like South America or South East Asia then here are some real tips from someone who has done it before. Tommy’s Tips isn’t a full on guide book, just some pointers that you may want to take.
General Tips
  • Book your flight 6 weeks before your departure and on a Tuesday if possible, around 3pm – it works out the cheapest!
  • If you are worried about being alone, join Facebook groups (Group Page Link here) or network on forums such as Lonely Planet, there is bound to be someone you can meet on your way.
  • Always carry cash on a bankcard, cash card and in cash
  • Tell your bank where you are going, cards being blocked is quite common.
  • Make copies of your passport and also your photo ID.
  • Do not necessarily over pack; you can buy clothes as you go.
  • Buy a waterproof bag for your camera and smartphones, trust me its not uncommon to drop your phone in the ocean or pool!
  • Do not worry about fashion, travellers aren’t exactly meant to be completely in tip top shape.
  • Get a phone plan if you want the net in a local country, it’ll be cheap.
  • Take a hard drive for backing up photos – Do this every night take photos
  • Buy a fanny pouch just in case need to carry cards and cash
  • Mosquito and SPF both needed
South East Asia Tips
  • Don’t pack much, Asia clothes are cheap and you’ll probably lose your brand ones anyway
  • Flip Flops and pair of trainers
  • Backpack doesn’t need to be over 50L unless moving to another country after or carrying specialist equipment
  • Malaria tablets are good, either malarone or doxycycline
  • Imodium might be handy
  • Never tap locals on the head, its a sign of disrespect
  • Haggling is good, but not for something frivolous – locals have to make a living whilst we are living the dream
  • Try the local food WHEREVER you go – its amazing
  • No shirts off in the City just because its hot, massive disrespect and you look like an idiot
  • Keep away from Pattaya – it represents everything wrong with Thailand
South America Tips
  • Learn some Spanish before going
  • Learn some Portuguese before going
  • Take a pocket language handbook
  • Pack for all weathers as climate varies in South America
  • Take a cap for hot weather and hikes
  • Do not wear lots of jewellery; in South America it’s a sign of wealth
  • In Venezuela, prepare your route, bus tickets aren’t as easy to get as you think
  • Plan a route for South America in general; it’s a bigger continent than you think.
  • Travel slowly
Thailand Tips
  • Tuk-tuks are generally more expensive than taxi’s. Local transport is the cheapest way to go via bus or train
  • Thai street food is delicious and will save you money for your travels. Try stick to it.
  • In places like Bangkok, you can haggle a little bit if prices for things seem high. Keep some pride though, as you don’t want to haggle over a couple of cent, locals are depending on your business.
  • Pattaya is now a full on sex tourism place. If you don’t like this and don’t agree, avoid it like the plague.
  • Long haul train journeys take longer than you will be told, expect delays.
  • If you are headed to the islands and it’s a busy time, say for Full Moon party, you’ll almost always find a place to stay if you haven’t pre-booked.
  • Sometimes the boats from island to island can get choppy, and the facilities are very basic, take some seasick tablets if needs be.
  • Up the north of Thailand, you may need extra deet, tiger balm (for mosquito bites) and to cover up more. Wearing hippy pants are popular with travellers.
  • Malaria medication is normally for rural areas of Thailand like the north. NEVER take on an empty stomach, as it will make you feel unwell straight away some of the time. Drink plenty of water and keep stood up for a few minutes when you do this.
  • ‘Lady boys’ are present in tourist areas so make sure to spot the difference. Neck, hands, feet and any obvious cosmetic surgery may be the key here.
  • Buckets that are sold cheap are often filled with cheap alcohol. Be aware of this as some may include more or less than you want.
  • Chang Beer has higher and lower concentrations of alcohol than it states on the label in almost every bottle.
  • Be respectful to Thai’s, they may come across humble, but you do one thing wrong and it’ll be known.
  • Take a waterproof bag for your electronic for Songkran festival.
  • No thumbs up or ‘ok’ signs in Thailand or Asia, it can be seen as offensive.
  • Remember some of the restaurant workers in Thailand who may serve you are on as little as 80 dollars a month salary. Be respectful and to all Thai workers even if they are annoying.
  • Riding elephants are fast becoming a thing of the past with travellers. Its now apparent elephants aren’t treated well and many travel companies are condemning this activity.
  • Same goes for Tiger temples, the Tigers are abused and heavily sedated, whilst the selfie might be a good one, the treatment of these animals is vile.
Laos Tips
  • Laos isn’t a party place and has strong curfews in some parts of the country like Luang Prebang.
  • It is technically against the law for a Laos resident to engage romantically with a foreigner unless they are in a long-term relationship. Don’t be put off by some reactions.
  • Going bowling in Luang Prebang is the late night thing to do for travellers. It is organised by the local Laos mafia, so just keep your wits about you.
  • Tubing in Vang Vieng still happens but not as it once was. It used to be a crazy party place with dozens of bars open with many cliff-jumping activities. Due to over 30 foreigners dying in 2011 (28 Australian, 2 British) they cancelled this. However, people have died because of been intoxicated whilst tubing, falling asleep, getting caught downstream or banging heads on rocks. It’s a hazard still so don’t be stupid.
  • If you’re in Vientiane and thinking of going to Hanoi, the bus journey will take you about 33 hours. It can get uncomfortable but there are some sleeper beds on some buses.
  • Laos is very poor and organisations will encourage foreigners to come to volunteer whether it is schools or environmental projects. Laos isn’t as commercial as Thailand.
Vietnam Tips
  • Beware of the bikes! Motorbikes and Scooters swam the cities especially in Hanoi and Saigon.
  • If you want to cross the road, generally just try go for it at a interval. If you wait you’ll never get across.
  • Vietnamese quality of clothing and materials is very good for the price and in comparison to the rest of South East Asian countries. You can custom design shoes and clothes here for cheap prices to Europe and the Americas.
  • The Vietnam War museums can be very stressful. Be aware of some of the awful photos that are the after affects of humans from it.
  • If you are on a train in Vietnam, at around 6am there will be local music and religious themed material that will be played loudly throughout the carriages. Take some earphones!
  • It’s a novelty thing to eat and drink snake and snake blood in Vietnam and Asia. Go with it if you want!
Cambodia Tips
  • Cambodia is very poor but fast becoming popular without the proper facilities.
  • Take extra caution with mosquito’s here, as they appear to be more aggressive in some parts.
  • Take the 3 day Angkor Wat tour, its so vast!
  • Cambodia street food isn’t as good as Thailand’s for example, so do know what you are eating before hand, it may not go down well!
  • Cambodia has a big child sex tourism problem. If you see it, report it or make your knowingness aware if you wish!
  • There are secondary full moon parties to Thailand’s in Koh Rong. Apparently less commercial!
Myanmar Tips
  • Take cash with you, ATM’s in Myanmar aren’t as frequent and the US dollar is widely used here.
  • There are no motorbikes to be rented here, so bicycles it is!
  • Hostels are at a minimum in Myanmar, although some have opened recently.
  • Myanmar isn’t a party town, so don’t visit for that reason.
  • Lots of food here is of Indian influence with curries being common dishes
  • The locals in Myanmar are incredibly humble and the nicest people in the world.
  • Keep to the local food as much as possible, western food is known to not be the best. I should know, food poisoning at its worst!
  • If you are on a night bus, the bus driver will play local Myanmar music prior to sleeping.
  • There are no general hospitals in most of Myanmar, just medical centres.
India Tips
  • With the greatest respect, India is run down and a bit dirty. The sewerage systems, clean facilities on trains and general hygiene aren’t the best here. Battle it. Although some places are not as bad as others of course.
  • You’ll almost always hear a chai tea seller board when your train journey stops. “Chai, Chai, Chai”
  • Indian food is delicious, but be careful because it can lead to upset stomachs.
  • If you don’t like busy cities, maybe avoid Delhi. I saw an Elephant walk through New Delhi before, randomly!
  • Buy some stomach settle tablets just incase. Imodium will be handy too!
  • Remember, blonde hair in India is well thought of. Remember this, women especially as you will attract attention.
  • Please do not wear hot pants or short skirts girls, it’s degrading to the Indian culture so just wear long pants.
Philippines Tips
  • Prepared to travel frequently, the Philippines is a difficult to get around kind of place. Due to its formation of so many small islands you will need jeepney, bus, boat, taxi, plane – all to get around if you want to see this beautiful country.
  • Manila can be dangerous at night, be prepared for that and make sure you know where you going.
  • Prostitution with Filipino’s is rife, so in places like Clark there are tons of women offering themselves for your money. It doesn’t matter what age you are!
  • Clark, Angeles on a brighter note is the cheaper alternative to fly into the Philippines. Its only three hours away from the capital Manila too. Use it as an airport, not for anything else.
  • Filipino’s are incredible warming to foreigners and in some cases, will treat you like celebrities if your look fits. Prepare to take some selfies!
  • Balut is the Filipino snack that may seem a bit odd to us. Its is a chicken embryo with the foetus still inside the egg. They add salt and vinegar and it’s a tasty snack!
  • Plan your trip in the Philippines, really, there is so much to do here you’ll want to make every day count.
Indonesia Tips
  • Indonesia is a huge country and so underrated with western travellers especially. The population is well over 200 million people. The jungles and ecosystems within Indonesia produce some of the most newly discovered species there is in the world.
  • Indonesia is mostly a Muslim country.
  • Jakarta is a traffic-infuriated City; you have been warned. Although Jakarta has some interesting monuments and sights, its one of them Cities you have to get to know before judging its real personality.
  • Gili T is the popular island for travellers. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are the party nights; the other days are more for beach relaxing and shisha nights. You can cycle around the island in 30 minutes and there are no vehicles here.
  • Bali is the Australian holiday destination. It is like Cancun to American graduates and Benidorm to the British. It is what it Bali, it has parties, beautiful beaches, surf spots and discounted goods. Enjoy it for what it is, however this place has been done.
  • Check out Indonesia’s rice paddies, volcanos and vast jungle, that is the real Indonesia.
  • Lombok is a big surf place and here you can hire MANSIONS for around 10 US a night if there is a big group of you. Check that place out!
Singapore Tips
  • Singapore is the expensive one and is a bit of glamour in comparison to most parts of SE Asia. Get the dollars out but you don’t need to spend more than 2-3 days here.
  • Indian food is popular here and is delicious too.
  • The Jungle Safari tour is pretty cool, and if you have the cash, spend it here.
  • Marina Bay Sands Sky Bar is a popular spot and worth the view alone. Dress up though!
Malaysia Tips
  • Malaysia is mostly a Muslim country so make sure you familiarise yourself with the laws here.
  • The people in Malaysia however aren’t as humble or welcoming as you may find in other countries. Different cultures and all that, but that’s just the way it is.
  • Penang is great for food, go check it out!
  • Malaysian Airlines isn’t as bad as you may think given the airline disasters that have happened in recent years. They are making the effort so try not to be worried if you do fly with them.
  • If you stay in KL or Penang and want a dorm bed, Reggae Mansion offers this but with your own personal space covered by a curtain. Privacy and budgeting at its best!
Indonesia Tips
  • Indonesia is a huge country and so underrated with western travellers especially. The population is well over 200 million people. The jungles and ecosystems within Indonesia produce some of the most newly discovered species there is in the world.
  • Indonesia is mostly a Muslim country.
  • Jakarta is a traffic-infuriated City; you have been warned. Although Jakarta has some interesting monuments and sights, its one of them Cities you have to get to know before judging its real personality.
  • Gili T is the popular island for travellers. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are the party nights; the other days are more for beach relaxing and shisha nights. You can cycle around the island in 30 minutes and there are no vehicles here.
  • Bali is the Australian holiday destination. It is like Cancun to American graduates and Benidorm to the British. It is what it Bali, it has parties, beautiful beaches, surf spots and discounted goods. Enjoy it for what it is, however this place has been done.
  • Check out Indonesia’s rice paddies, volcanos and vast jungle, that is the real Indonesia.
  • Lombok is a big surf place and here you can hire MANSIONS for around 10 US a night if there is a big group of you. Check that place out!
Australia Tips
  • Australia is expensive remember that
  • Buy ‘Goon’ if you want to get drunk. 4 litres of 12 AUD
  • A Myki card is a must in places like Melbourne where public transport is good.
  • SPF, SPF, SPF – The sun burns a lot here! There is no O-zone layer so it hits you more.
  • If you are going to work in Oz, get a bank account and tax file number (TFN)
Fiji Tips
  • Bula means health and is commonly used throughout
  • Kava is a plant turned mud-like drink that is completely legal and has chemicals in it that works as anti-depressant. Enjoy!
  • You can do Fiji cheap if you keep to the mainland. The island tours are crazy expensive but are fantastic
  • Scuba diving is really good in Fiji. If you want to see all kinds of Sharks including Bull and Tigers, then this is one of the best places to be.
  • There is a big Indian heritage here in Fiji. The temples you may see on the mainland and the food in the local markets reflect this.
  • If flying from Australia, it takes longer to get back by an hour or two than it does to arrive. I believe its something to do with the tailwind.
  • Fiji is a relaxed and good vibes country, enjoy it and be respectful!
Brazil Tips
  • Brazil is huge! There are so many places to visit; it’s bigger than Central Europe!
  • Brazil can be a bit dodgy though. Always keep an eye out; things always seem to happen in Brazil. Especially Salvador, which can be rough at night.
  • The Favela’s are definitely worth exploring and partying in, giving the right tour. I wouldn’t recommend going alone unless you’re with a local.
  • Beaches in Brazil are nice and you can find them all along the coast from Rio.
  • Rio is probably one of the most fun cities. You can enjoy the local side in Lapa, Copacabana where the beaches are or a little bit more upmarket in Ipanema.
  • Portuguese is a difficult language to master, so brush up! Not many people speak English as their second language.
  • Haloumi like cheese on a stick is popular from street sellers. Delicious!
  • Carnival is a crazy time of the year in Brazil, especially Rio. It’s a constant party – I recommend!
Trinidad & Tobago Tips
  • Trinidad and Tobago are two very different islands. Trinidad is the work horse, industrial, City like place where Tobago is the Caribbean, the holiday, the sun and greenery.
  • If travelling between the two it takes approximately four hours via ferry.
  • ‘Doubles’ is the food for breakfast in T&T, and Shark Bake is another delicious choice. The Roti’s over here are to die for.
  • As for Tobago, if you are going to any of the amazing beaches or lagoons, or even to see the Turtles prospering, plan ahead and try get in season.
  • Hostels aren’t really a thing here, so its hotels and guesthouses that you’ll need to look at.
  • You can fly to Venezuela from Trinidad.
Guyana Tips
  • Guyana lacks a lot of tourism so be aware you may not meet a lot of other travellers
  • Locals aren’t really fussed on foreigners, they seem so happy or involved in their own countries progression, tourists are secondary to them and they do not need it.
  • If crossing from Brazil, the journey from Lethem to Georgetown is around 18 hours. On a normal road it would be 4-5 but its Guyana, things are a little bit less modern here.
  • 88% of Guyana is covered but dense untouched jungle.
  • Kaieteur Falls and Shell Beach are two of the main attractions here.
  • You can take part in a real adventure by a survival tour which allows participants to be left alone in the jungle and to survive without help. Crazy!
Ecuador Tips
  • Never, ever rule out Ecuador. No one gives it the time of day, but it’s the most underrated country to visit in South America.
  • On local buses and coaches, it costs 1 US dollar for 1-hour travel to anywhere in the country. Bargain!
  • If you like extreme sports, go to Banos!
  • Mount Pichincha that is in Quito will take a while and some careful climbing, do not listen to anyone who says it’s a walk and takes a couple hours!
  • The Galapagos Island is my favourite spot on earth as far as experiences go. The wildlife, the diving and the beaches are just incredible. YOU HAVE TO GO!
  • Montanita might suck you in. There is surf, diving and parties here that just make it a place you’ll never want to leave.
Venezuela Tips
  • Venezuela is regarded as very dangerous right now. Only go if you have enough travel experience about you.
  • Los Roques is a little pricey for Venezuela but are some of the best islands you’ll ever visit. White sand and clear oceans, un-inhabited!
  • The political situation and economic crisis in Venezuela is still very high. The Bolivar is worthless to many and even though has a rate of over 11 per US dollar officially, locals can exchange, anything from 50-300! Yes you read correct! 300 Bolivars for 1 US Dollar!
  • Try to prevent standing out as a tourist; it only gives more chance of someone approaching you in the wrong manner. Wear basic clothes, no jewellery.
  • Plan your trip and get there early. Even buying a ticket for a bus, there is no pre ordering, you have to get there on the day.
  • I frequently wore a bum bag under my stomach and top lining of my pants. If you need to keep anything valuable in there do, and keep the pockets with loose change and nothing of particular worth. Just in case.
Colombia Tips
  • Colombia may not what you think it is, its reputation as a drug cartel fuelled state has long decayed over the last 10 years. Colombia is becoming a popular hotspot for tourists, especially British and Australian.
  • Cartagena, when it rains it pours and when it pours, it floods. The draining system here is poor, so beware if the heavens open. Traffic will halt and you might get stuck, especially in and around the City.
  • Colombia is bigger than you think, so bus journeys are generally fairly long. Look to fly with Viva Colombia Airlines to save time
  • If you are going on the Lost City trek from Santa Marta, beware that it is a difficult to moderate hike. You’ll get wet, muddy, tired and sun soaked. Take necessary clothes and shoes, water and even your own food. I say the latter because I’ve heard many stories of people having food poisoning. Just be careful!
  • Police in Colombia can be fairly corrupt in comparison to western standards. They may try blame or bribe you for something that doesn’t really fit, especially at parties. If you are caught looking suspicious or taking some of Colombia’s famed white powder, you may have to pay a bribe to get out of it.
  • Medellin and Bogota are lot larger than you think. The two main cities in Colombia both have active train systems so use it to get around quicker.
  • Medellin is the home to plastic surgery at more affordable prices, you’ll be able to see that from the Colombian women!
Peru Tips
  • The altitude in Cusco is a lot harder to take than you may think. Being at several thousand feetit isn’t that uncommon for people not to fully adjust, take precaution.
  • Machu Pichu despite it being one of the most used and see photo’s, is worth it in person. It isn’t over saturated and if you get there early enough, before the coach tourists come, its worth the wait.
  • You can do Machu Pichu quickly and cheaper if you want to. Check out the article here on how I did this!
  • If you go and see the Nasca Lines, the plane journey is a bit wobbly. I’ve taken many chartered flights, but this one had me queasy for the rest of the day.
Bolivia Tips
  • Bolivia is colder than most South America countries, so take some clothes for this!
  • The people of Bolivia have a small reputation of being a little bit rude to foreigners. It depends on everyone but take into account this is from own experience and of others I have spoken to.
  • Bolivia is the poorest South America country so prices can be very cheap (to the dollar, pound, euro)
  • The altitude in Bolivia is also very high, La Paz being the highest City in the world.
  • The famed Death Road is how you want it to be. If you want to it to be dangerous, go crazy and pedal fast, otherwise it’s a exciting bike ride you can breeze through really.
  • Over the counter in Bolivia, you can buy medicine that maybe you couldn’t back home. Xanax for example is there if you need it!
Argentina Tips
  • Black market rates for the US Dollar to Argentinian Peso allow you to get more for your money. With the official rate being around 8-9 pesos for 1 US Dollar, if you exchange things illegally, you can get between 12-14 for 1 Dollar.
  • The steak is the best steak in the world. Period.
  • Nothing is opening Christmas Day. I know from experience.
  • If you are going for a night out, locals generally don’t go until 2-3am! Pre drinks start around 12am. Very different to some countries!
  • If you ever manage to go see a Boca v River soccer match, and the authorities allow it to go ahead, be careful as in each of the last several previous games there has been at least one death. It’s a feisty one!
  • La Boca in Buenos Aires has two sides to it. The extremely touristy side with coloured streets and restaurants, to a poor neighbourhood and common for theft.
Paraguay Tips
  • Paraguay is fairly cheap in comparison to the rest of South America
  • Paraguay is very hot and humid and is landlocked between Brazil Uruguay and Argentina. You will sweat
  • There are no beaches in Paraguay, its all land whether that’s rural, city or jungle.
  • Black pudding sandwiches are a great street food snack in Asuncion, cheap too!
  • If you are heading to Jesuit de Tarravangue and ruins, its possible to hitch hike to save cost. You know the drill, thumb out and wait. Paraguayans will know where to drop you.
  • Paraguay has a reputation of being boring, but don’t let this off put you, you can do things the local way and if its new, its an experience.
  • Mbatovi Eco Reserve is a bit of awkward to get especially from Asuncion. Travel as early as 5am from the bus station, get off at Encarnacion then taxi to the reserve, all before 9am as that’s the only time the 3 hour expedition starts.
Uruguay Tips
  • Uruguay is the sleepy country of South America. Prepare to chill out, maybe smoke some pot and hit the beaches.
  • Colonia de Sacramento is a world heritage spot because of its colourful old stone houses and cobbled streets. You only need a day here.
  • In Uruguay generally, like Argentina, people don’t go out until late. Its not uncommon to be heading out after 12am for a night out, most the time its later than that!
  • Punta Del Este is expensive but worth the visit. Get a bike and ride across the coast and visit Casa Pueblo.
  • Cabo Polonio is so cool. It is hippie backpacker paradise with no running water or electricity whilst being sandwiched in-between two beaches with accommodations mostly are small shacks. Must go to experience!
  • F&F Hostel for social and party freaks! Go!
Mexico Tips
  • Mexico food, heat and alcohol are prone to cause upset stomachs
  • Cancun is awesome – visit Coco Bongos at least once, Isla Mujeres and hang out in the local areas too
  • Stay in Mezcal hostel – it has a pool, two free meals and a bar
  • Chicen Itza is so worth doing
  • Mexicans LOVE tips – they can be quite demanding, make sure you know this before you go
  • Mexico City is full on – you’ll either love it or hate it.
Cuba Tips
  • Take plenty of cash, ATM’s aren’t the best in Cuba just incase yours doesn’t work.
  • Do NOT take US Dollars, there is a 10% surcharge if you want to change cash in Casa de Cambios (Currency Exchange)
  • If you are travelling outside of Havana, there are no hostels. All Casa Particulars or Guesthouses are 30 CUC per night on average.
  • If you can, try change some money to CUP, the local currency if you get chance
  • Booking things in advance is a must, Cuba hasn’t got a western system yet.
  • Be aware of over friendly families, they normally want money.
France Tips
  • Despite what you may hear, people will speak English in France, even if the locals don’t like too. Still, learn a bit of French anyway just out of respect!
  • Paris is crazy big and expensive, as you’d imagine. The metro system is fairly easy but there are so many suburbs to get around you might get lost anyway!
  • The Eiffel Tower is huge and bigger than you may imagine. The second floor alone is high enough, be brave and try the third floor though!
  • Lyon’s old town is a vibrant, buzzing place with pockets of culture and religious monuments. You’ll want to stay here longer than you planned!
  • Transport can be expensive in France and in Europe generally, so try the coach services like Onibus or Flexibus or Bla Bla Car if you don’t want to use the train service.
  • Nice is gorgeous and you may just want to live here forever. Fresh food on markets just by the ocean, the French Rivieria is a beautiful place to endulge.
Belgium Tips
  • Bruges is a weekend town and picture perfect at Christmas time.
  • Bruges is odd, romantic, an antique and fascinating get away.
  • The Belfry is a must whilst the museum xxxxx is also worth seeing.
  • The Ice Rink by the markets sticks out in the main square of Bruges, have a go but don’t fall!
United Kingdom Tips
  • I can go on all day about my home country but I’ll just name a few places to go after thus bullet point. Apart from that, visit London and see the typical sights like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the eye. Visit Stone Henge; get to a music festival in the summer like Glastonbury. But never forget to check out the North of England. Game of Thrones area is a hidden gem.
  • The North is very different to the South. For one its much cheaper for food, drinks and transports. It’s colder but people are generally more friendly and welcoming. The South, and primarily London is a little bit NYC like, fast paced, buzzing but no time for you.
  • Newcastle is a great party City. A small City to others but worth a few jaeger bombs and a sloppy kebab on the way home.
  • Manchester is music and that’s everything here. You’ll have an array of bars that place some of the best music to ever be released such as Oasis and Stone Roses. Also, the you’ve got two fairly good football teams in Manchester now, so go watch a game!
  • The Weather isn’t great in the UK as you can imagine but when the suns out, everyones happy. Make the most of it if you are a lucky one to be about when it is.
  • Everyone is football mad over here. The best league in the world is in England, love it and take it all in!
Germany Tips
  • Hamburg is the third largest city in Germany and is a modern place. Its an example of efficient German standards.
  • The Reepabahn is a popular place for tourists to go out, drink, find some bars and the rest. Check it out!
  • Hamburg have a great stadium too, the Bundesliga football is a great league so be sure to catch a game.
  • The Germans love beer and Hamburg isn’t much different. Try all kinds until you cannot no more!
Spain Tips
  • Spain, one of the more consistent warmer countries in Europe. Enjoy constant sun, a slower pace of living, gorgeous women and tapas bars everywhere.
  • Like I said, Tapas is the way to eat in most parts of Spain. Small bites with a couple of beers is the way that people do things here.
  • Madrid is a vibrant City that you really have to get to know before you embrace it fully. It has some cool quarters, a buzzing inner City vibe and the home to both Madrid teams. Again, football has to be on the agenda!
  • Barcelona has the beach, the catalan culture, the tourists and probably the best football team in the world with arguably the best player in the world, Lionel Messi. Barcelona has everything you want from a city and more.
  • Ibiza is by far the best party PLACE full stop in Europe. You can party in Bora Bora the more cultural party side or in San Antonio the more first time tourist side. You’ll party all day and night until sunrise and then some more. Be sure to get to a weekend with Dj’s on, as the best in the world regularly play here.
  • Benidorm is England but with warm weather. Covered with British expats and tourists, really, its beer, beach and sun here with the British culture. Enjoy it for what it is.
Ireland Tips
  • Good old Dublin is touristy as hell but its always a proper good laugh. A City of over 1 million people this place will have you busy whilst you are there.
  • In Dublin you can enjoy the typical Irish bars with Irish music in the Temple Bar area.
  • Dublin has Kilmainham Jail, which was incredible, and real opener to the struggles the Irish had with the British all them years ago.
  • Dublin and Ireland is home to Ryanair, the budget airline that flies cheaply across Europe. You might be able to get or leave here for a bargain price!
New Zealand Tips
  • New Zealand is pricey, remember that!
  • If you are working in NZ, you need to open a bank account and then send off for your IRD Number before you can work
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