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Where: South East Asia

When: 2013

Places I visited: Singapore (City)


Singapore was a bit of flash for my SE Asia trip. It was easy to get to from Malaysia, taking around 5 hours by bus. Singapore is full of wealthy people, and for two days, I pretended I was too.

Marina Bay Sands was incredible, especially the view from the Sky Bar. In addition, the Singapore safari tour was great, and the best of all was an Elephant so close to the carriage right at the end. If you like spectacles, this is one for you.


Food was very Indian, curries, spices and rice. It was delicious and actually really unexpected. Singapore is also very clean too, especially in comparison to other parts in Asia!


Singapore is probably a weekend spot to visit or good to live. As far as backpacking goes, there isn’t that much else to do.

Things you should know

Singapore is expensive generally, so don’t spend too much time here if you’re on a budget. Its very commercial too, a little bit away from other parts of SE Asia.



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