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Rant #1: Standing Up For City Travel

It is sometimes easily said that all cities are the same when you’re travelling long term. I mean, how many times have you heard when contemplating about visiting one ‘it’s just a big city’ from a fellow traveller? Perhaps this is a way to dismiss the validity of ones appeal and to dismiss staying for a long extended period of time? I get it, cities can be a little hectic. But on the flip-side, doesn’t that make them more intimate? Everyone is so bothered about what they are doing that really it allows you to be in complete peace with what you’re focused on. Okay, it maybe a little busier and there’s certainly bound to be more people around, but if you can handle that, and you should be able to, then you can pick up the little intriguing things in a city that no-one else notices.

“…if you can’t handle the noises, smells, sounds…….what can you handle?”

On that note, what is the deal with people not being able to hand the interaction of other human beings? I mean, if you’re a keen traveller, you should be able to easily handle, and less complain about, the different surroundings of life. I constantly question a persons patience if they complain about cities, I mean, it’s 2017, the earth is home to 7 billion people with a huge overpopulation growth – if you can’t handle the noises, smells, sounds, and haggling of the world, what can you handle? What can you achieve?

Do you want to be hoaxed up in a small box fixated on a cliff up in the mountains? I get we all want peace, quite and secluded moments at times, some more than others – but what does that mean? That you’re different and want people to know you want something that is out of the ordinary to others? Well that my friend, is non-other than ego taking over. Not the ego that is preconceived as the girl thinking she’s gods gift and boasting she has ‘options’ to fulfil her 10 minutes crave for sex, or a guy who think he’s super important because he wears a suit for work. A different kind of ego exists in travel, one that we all have, to different extents. The ego that we have that makes us want to be different, and for specifically for people to see us that way.

To say cities are all of the same, have not much going on, or are too much part of the real world are misguided comments. I get it’s not what some people expect when they think travel, and yes there will be more exciting places to visit, but are cities all that bad really? Some are worse than others, but the clever, unique and intricate traveller in you will surely be open minded enough to foresee past the stereotypes, give everything a chance and ultimately discover the secret upon secrets of a place within a city. Doing just that, is less expected than if you were to want to do that searching for a hidden beach, jungle commune or mountain region. Why? Because everyone looks for that place that is a beach, jungle or mountain. Everyone. It’s been written about, movies have been told, and still we continue to look for the same thing.

Bangkok, 2013.

“You speak to any Bangkok expat; they’ll tell you how great it is and rightfully so.”

Bangkok, for example, is heavily criticised by travellers and backpackers alike. I’m sure you’ve heard the comments it’s just a big city, but also it’s smoggy, humid, dirty and too busy. Then, you’ll get people basing their assumption on Khao San Road, which is actually nothing like the real Bangkok. In fact, it’s a complete false interpretation of the city. Bangkok as a city has many different districts, some of the most modern skyscrapers in the world, great dental and healthcare, parks, amazing street food, fantastic shopping and what is a ever booming economy. You speak to any Bangkok expat; they’ll tell you how great it is and rightfully so. The place is huge. You can find area’s to live in that are easily affordable (especially in comparison to western prices).

“Make a city yours, learn it and live it……”

Cities are where the life is, where everything comes alive. Where you can socialise more, learn more, earn more and see more. If you’re a clever traveller, or perhaps an expert, you’ll see that exploring or living in a city is actually impressively invigorating. Forget the stereotypes, forget what the cover looks like, if you’re a wanderer of this world, you can handle it. You’re stronger than what you think. Make a city yours, learn it and live it, and then find what suits you. There’s so much more to cities than you can ever imagine.


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