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Where: South East Asia

When: 2013

Places I visited: Angeles, Manila, Banaue, Sagada, Boracay, Cebu, Bohol


The Phillippines was a place that I really did enjoy something in every place. I could talk about every thing on my two occasions here but I’ll have just stick with a couple.

Up North in Banaue and Sagada were incredible and really weird but wonderful at the same time. Even though it isn’t off the beaten track as such and it does attract visitors, it still feels a little bit away from everything else in the Philippines. The rice terraces in Banaue were beyond spectacular and sitting on top of the jeepney to ride up the windy mountains was the best part! Sagged, with its echoing caves and hanging coffins, provided a little bit of an odd experience but well worth a few days visit.

Boracay, no matter how popular this place is time and time again, its still a fun place. How can you not like white sand, clear ocean, good food and vibrant bars? Its just a bubbly place and I had some great times there. Staying in Frendz Resort, you meet backpackers and families as it caters to both. Cliff jumping 15m was my personal best and took me a while to jump!


Filipinos have such a warm hearted approach to people and are always seeking the friendliest and happiest option. The people make this country so welcoming, and it is the people who on hand have a strict dedication to religion but on the other side are enthusiastic and always looking for a good time. This is definitely one for the ‘Goods’ list.

There is generally a whole lot to in the Philippines. The countless islands, jungles and landscapes make this country an epic adventure for locals and travellers. Thats what I remember about this country, and it will always be a place I’ll return too.

The Wildlife in Philippines is pretty incredible, the Whale Sharks and Tarsiers are something else!


In comparison to other countries in South East Asia, the Philippines is more difficult to get around. Due to the country been broken up into several separate lands and islands, air and sea travel are common. Its not like Cambodia where you can bus it around everywhere.

Angeles, which is a city north of Manila and a popular spot to fly into due to the low carriage costs, is littered with elderly sex tourists. My flight from Bangkok baffled me at the amount of western granddads that were sitting everywhere.

Things to know

As mentioned, its difficult to travel in the Philippines if you are wanting to explore more than one place. Plan your trip ahead if you want to see multiple stops. If flying into the Philippines, you’ll need a departure flight out too when using the 21-day tourist visa. I got caught out on that one and missed my flight! Filipino’s speak in an American accent if speaking English so don’t be surprised if you hear that.  Manila at night can be pretty sketchy so be careful when its dark.


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