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Where: South America

When: 2014

Places I visited: Lima, Cusco, Huacachina, Nasca


Machu Pichu! I know its been done but this place is like heaven on earth. We got there at 6am and for the first couple hours, the place is magical. Whether you do a trek to get there or just travel via bus this place is special. MP is my number 2 on my all time favourite travel places and experiences.

Sand boarding in Huacachina where a real life Oasis sits was so much fun. There are copious sand dunes and you can board down them before heading back to your accommodation in an Oasis town. The picture shows the rest.


Peru is a gem for history and culture as the Incan Empire once ruled here. This drives travellers to learn more and spend a long time in Peru.

Peru is a hub for backpackers and you are unlikely not to meet people here, and for clothes and food it’s popular too.


The altitude in Cusco is a problem. People have difficulties adjusting and can get sick from the lack of oxygen it affectively creates in the body. I got sick in Cusco and this definitely contributed.

Things to know

You can do Machu Pichu cheap and don’t necessarily have to book a tour. See posts on Peru for advice. If visiting the Nasca Lines via plane it can get a little weary. The plane tilts on the side several times and even for the toughest of fliers it can make you feel a bit queasy.

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