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What do I mean by partners? We’re working together. We promote each other. I could be an ambassador for you. I’m a representative for your organisation and company, and vice versa.

I’m currently working with the following companies as a partner. If you would like to consider me or approach me, see my details via the Work with me.

hostelpackersA new travel community website that shares travel experiences. Initially for travel content such as interesting articles and blogs, HostelPackers is aimed for people to discuss places via their forums and group sections. Eventually the aim is for the website to be a booking site all around the world.

mysocialpassportMy Social Passport is an online travel meeting website. Created back in 2012, My Social Passport is a company that allows people to share each others plans with one another and arrange meet ups. MSP has some really useful pages about visa information too, worth checking out.

One of the highest ranked travel insurance companies in the UK, Covered2Go provide travel insurance that covers all kinds of activities and situations. Covered2Go are part of Rush Insurance and provide cover to UK residents only. Founded by two backpackers, Tom and Anna, Adventure in You is made up of a community of travelers who are passionate about inspiring people to DO MORE. Specializing in adventure guides, destination advice, travel tips and inspiration, they’ve created a one-stop shop to help you make the most out of your travels.

Bangkok's most popular hostel and a favourite among travellers, Nappark is a backpacking mecca. Located two streets away from Khao San Road, Nappark has comfy beds, warm showers, free wifi, games, movies, a cafe and two unique social areas. One of the best hostels in SE Asia alone.


Fin Fighters UK are a new shark conservation organisation on a mission to eradicate shark finning in the UK by 2023 whilst protecting sharks and raising awareness to end the sale and distribution of shark fins.


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