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Where: South America

When: 2015

Places I Visited: Asuncion, Ciudad Del Este, Trinidad, Encarnacion


Visiting the ruins of Jesus Tarravange was a highlight as many guidebooks will recommend. Surprisingly there are no waits or tourists and its completely free. Giving that these ruins are largely advertised at representing Paraguay it is a little odd. Paraguay is a little offbeat though and doesn’t attract many.

Mbtovi Eco Reserve was an adventure in itself. Waking up at 4am to get the local bus then a taxi to the Reserve for a 9am start. We rappelled; zip lined and crossed hanging bridges in the jungle for an early morning excursion! Lush area!


Paraguay for travellers is fairly cheap and one of the cheapest in South America.

Paraguay is quiet and if you are looking for something off the beat or different, it’s best to check here.

Paraguay’s markets are in full flow with street food, clothes and other items been on sale, especially in tri boarder City, Ciudad Del Este.


Tourism here isn’t huge so does make it hard to meet people, find a bit of luxury and get recommendations. However this is depending on your own style.

You may find little to do in Paraguay as its not overflowing with things to see and experience. Make the most of it and discover things for you is the best way, embracing it for what it is.

Things to know

A lot of counterfeit items are available in Paraguay; so don’t expect the quality to be great. The country is landlocked so there are no beaches, but it is extra humid.

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