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Where: South East Asia

When: 2012

Places I visited(4): Yangon, Mandalaay, Bagan, Inle Lake


Entering Yangon was a bit of a culture shock. It is heavily run down and has a ‘back in time’ feel to the place. Also, in 2012, the typical traveller route didn’t include Myanmar as much as it does today so to me and my friend, we were going to uncharted territory to a lot of the people we’d met. I remember thinking Yangon was the Asian Baghdad (in comparison to images) with streets dirty, houses crammed together, broken and old cars and rat infested. Still, it was something to be expected in a sense.

The 4400 Bagan temples are the icons of Myanmar. These incredible creations signify Myanmar and are a must see. You can get lost for days if not weeks visiting all of these temples. Taking a bicycle to travel to them is peaceful and reflects with the Burmese communities.

The people of Burmese are by far the most friendly in Asia and in my travels, the world.


Untouched a lot and still technically a little bit off the beaten track. There hasn’t been too much commercialism added to the country so best visiting now whilst its still pristine.

The people are incredible and some of the friendliest in the world.

Bagan temples are some of the best collection of temples in SE Asia. You can spend a long time viewing these and most temples are centuries old and still in the original conditions.


Western food isn’t up to scratch and be wary. I got very sick in Inle Lake for eating a ‘Bolognese Pizza’. Two Days I’ll never get back!

Accommodation isn’t that cheap in Myanmar and you may have to fork out more than you expect. This is because of lack of options as Myanmar is fairly new when introduced to vast amounts of budget travellers entering.

Transport can be a bit sketchy too, we were involved in almost was a pile up of buses whilst travelling to Inle Lake. The buses go fast and furious!

Things to know

ATMs are getting better at being available but still its encouraged to take US Dollars prior to entering. The US Dollar is used here widely. Things are little less developed here so be careful on the food available, the buses won’t be to the standard of luxury buses in Vietnam and WIFI maybe less.


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