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The Movies That Inspire Me To Travel

I thought I’d write a little more of a personal article this time around. Sometimes we are stuck in a rut, or perhaps desperate for adventures and we just need some inspiration. Mine is that I’m going back to New Zealand soon and wasn’t particularly excited to. Why? It just seems so far away and given where I am right now in Asia, the lifestyle is completely different.

Then something changed. I watched a movie and it made me feel better. It had dramatic backdrops, empty roads and a feel of purpose again. It made me smile, and get some Goosebumps because of the soundtrack that worked in parallel with some of the movie scenes, and it just instantly lifted my mood.

I think that can work for all of us, so here are some movies to lift your mood for new and more adventures.


Blood Diamond

Roaming through Western Africa with travel, turmoil, corruption and everything else that is in this movie, Blood Diamond has to be the biggest influence for me to hit the off-beaten-path. Africa for me is the holy grail and real place to travel in the world that brings complete adventure. Inspiring to say the least.


Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Them iconic backdrops of Iceland will make anyone feel the draws of wanderlust watching this movie. Pushing yourself out of comfort zone is exactly what this movie is about, and sums up what travel should be about.


The Beach

A big reason people started visiting Thailand, this 2000 released movie depicts an untouched and paradise island in the Thai islands. It’s secluded and perceives a life away from the everyday tourists, and for any adventurer, including myself, who wouldn’t want that?


Hangover II

Based in Bangkok, the Hangover II is for getting crazy in the Thai capital. I mean, it may not be inspirational in any sense apart from having a good old time, but it certainly makes one looking forward to checking out Bangkok’s night scene. A funny movie to watch before you head over.


Motorcycle Diaries

Not only does this movie depict the early 20’s of Che Guevara before his revolutionary years, it’s a true story is based on his motorbike travels around South America. What a way to travel one of the most diverse continents in the world?


Into the Wild

Based on American Christopher McCandless story, of getting away from the normality of society, his tale is quite epic but tragic. If you’re sick of the bullshit that we have to take living an everyday life, and just want to get away, Into The Wild will be one for you.


Bourne Series

Okay, not specifically related to travel, but the destinations Jason Bourne goes certainly adds wanderlust to the mind. In his latest instalment in 2016, he’s seen fighting in Albania and then other destinations across Europe.



A little more deep but certainly enthralling, Blackhat takes us across places in Malaysia and Indonesia across Southeast Asia. It certainly gives me a more draw towards living in Asia and everyday life there.


Furious 5

Racing and running around the favela streets of Rio de Janeiro with Brian Tyler’s epic Latin soundtrack echoing in the background certainly makes us think of Brazil and South America. If not, when you see the sunrise view of Cristo the Reedemer with Rio in the background, it looks stunning! Take us to Brazil!



Being able to see Pompeii in its now ash-filled state is incredible, and gives a real insight into life there before the Volcano struck. The movie tells how the town was destroyed because of this, but because you can visit Pompeii now and see what happened, it can be really luring to visit Italy!



Based on a real life story of Cheryl Strayed of travelling alone across the Pacific Crest Trail in the USA. Her journey takes her 1,100km that isn’t without incident.



If you’re keen to trail across Australia and its almighty heat, Tracks is a story of a German traveller who did this. This is inspirational and somewhat lonely, but a true travel adventure movie.


In The Heart Of The Sea

A true story that basically created the idea of Moby Dick, this movie inspires ocean travelling. I’d love to be hustled into a boat stretching out from shore to the outer depths of the ocean. Visiting islands, whale watching and just being on your own watch. Although the movies are a little different, the idea still is there.

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