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Where: South East Asia (Under Thailand and South West on SE Asia Map)

When: 2013

Places I Visited: Kualar Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi


Malaysia was a little more rigid than I thought in terms of the culture and people. I expected a more relaxed attitude like in other parts of SE Asia, but Malaysia seemed to be a bit uptight and in all honesty, some people were rude. Nevertheless it depends on so many different circumstances to judge a country, and overall for the time I spent there it was a good time.

KL was a fun City and has a lot going on. I remember enjoying being in the City life and being a tourist by visiting the Petronas Towers and eating Nandos! (Every now and then we need home comforts)

Penang was interesting and I enjoyed its street-styled nature. It was a lot smaller than KL so it was nice to weave in and out of the suburbs. The street food was a highlight too.


Malaysia in the places I visited was quite a quirky place. Penang was odd but interesting, KL had good vibes and Langkawi was different to any other beach destinations in Asia.


I didnt get a great vibe from Malaysia and thats why it isn’t fond in my memories. I found some locals rude in comparison.

Langkawi was a bit over the top too. Not the best beach to hit in SE Asia. It was beautiful and hot, but there are better places.

What To Know

Malaysia is a Muslim country so rules and laws will be different to others in SE Asia. Also, its a tad more expensive here so make sure you prepare for that. Even though I didn’t get to visit this time, the Perenthian Islands are suppose to be out of this world!

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