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Where: South East Asia

When: 2012

Places Visited (4): Huoay Xai, Luang Prebang, Vang Vieng, Vietianne


Luang Prebang is a slow but friendly place that is popular amongst backpackers and travellers. Utopia was a gem of a spot, a yoga bar on the morning but by night a chilled lounge bar by the river. Due to the curfew in Luang Prebang, Utopia closes fairly early and by 11pm its time for the next spot. Randomly, The Luang Prebang bowling alley is open and serves booze whilst bowling until after 12.

Visiting the border town Huoay Xai and taking a tour was interesting. I visited schools affected by the Vietnamese war, as well as houses being propped up by old mortars from it! Making rice soup and being a little bit off the beaten track was definitely a highlight, and if you do the short crossing from Northern Thailand to Huoay Xai, hire a tuk-tuk taxi driver for the day and I’m sure he’ll take you around.


Buddha Park in Vientiane is a surprise when visiting Lao’s capital city. Its perfect for a photo and well worth wandering around for an hour or two.

Laos is a quiet country and is beautiful in that. People are humble here, and its the perfect place to get a real authentic piece of Asia.

Luang Prebang is the nicest place for this, to enjoy the food, the culture, markets, temples and sunrises. Utopia, what a cool bar, yoga by day, beers by night!


The curfews can be frustrating in Laos, but to be honest, there isn’t that much to do anyway after hours.

Vang Vieng is a ghost town now, too big for what its worth and a shame. Tubing is slightly overrated too.

Things to know

Vang Vieng Tubing is well talked about, but back in 2012 and now, things have changed from its past. Previously a mecca for travellers that liked to party, jump off crazy ledges and other wild activities that all centred around tubing in Vang Vieng, its now almost a ghost town to what it once was. You can still tube, but its a mellow experience that is more ‘for a few beers and drift’ down the river rather than anything other.

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