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Where: South East Asia, (Base of SE Asia on Map)

When: 2013

Places I visited: Bali, Jakarta, Gili T, Lombok, Ubud



Bali I surfed for the very first time and realised how addictive this extreme sport can be. I got battered and bruised after getting up and down from the board but it is the best feeling EVER riding in a wave to shore. A great experience but needs a lot of patience.

Spearfishing in Gili T was really cool and also a first time thing for me. We even caught our food, gave Steve the fish a funeral and cooked it with hot sauce. Hunter-gatherers !

Renting a two-storey mansion in Lombok for 9 US dollars a night which included a swimming pool and a private chafer was a highlight with a group of travellers who we called ourselves ‘ The Bieber Babes’ due to one of the crews piss-taking t-shirt. In the mansion we had pool parties, road trips and endless games of never have I ever.


Indonesia has plenty of beaches which is great for the beach life. There are parties galore which is always great to meet new travellers, which there are tons off, especially Australians and Swedes. Socially its up there with Thailand and you’ll probably never be alone. I even missed two flights purposely to Singapore to stay in Indonesia!


Jakarta’s traffic was crazy busy and the City itself doesn’t offer a great deal for travellers apart form historical monuments. Its a bit smoggy too, but coming from Teesside in the UK, I was used to that!

Things to know

Indonesia to Australia is like Spain to the British. The holidays for more sun, relaxation and for a bit of a cheaper time are very common. Indonesia is a muslim country and is vastly under valued due to the size and population there. Indonesia is much more than parties and beaches and one should spend more time west than east. Bali Belly is another word for food poisoning to travellers in Indonesia.


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