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Where: Asia, Indian Sub-Continent

When: 2013

Places I visited (12): Chennai, Bangalore, Kerala, Cochin, Goa, Hampi, Delhi, Pushkur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jailsalmer, Delhi,Agra


I think no matter how much it is visited and well known, the Taj Mahal in Agra is the biggest highlight. The place looks like it has been dropped down from outer space, it stands out that much.

Journeying in India is never the same without doing it via trains. The long journeys are tiresome and uncomfortable but let you see real India with real locals. Its part and parcel of travelling India.

Going on a camel safari excursion in Jailsalmer, North West India really made me feel I was away from everything I knew. The scorching desert, only hours away from the Pakistan boarder was a true test. Sleeping under the stars topped the tour off.

Visiting the slums in Mumbai was really eye opening to see the poverty. It made me realise how lucky we are to travel, let alone not live in these conditions.


India is so colourful, diverse and interesting every photo will represent something strange and different. What I mean is, there is never something that is mundane in India by a glance. The culture is so different to many it will always fascinate travellers.

India is cheap to western currency and this helps a lot. Its very doable for weeks and months whilst not breaking the budget.

Food in India. Some may disagree as the food can cause a lot of sickness at times, but if you get it right, the food in India is delicious. Curries and spices galore, you’ll love the tastes here if you have a fairly stern stomach.


Its full on and that may eventually do your head in. People will be curious about you, barter and sell you things and be keen to be near you which can be disturbing to some.

Food in India. It can give you the worst sickness if its not cooked and cleaned. It happens being sick on the road and more so in India.

Delhi is way too full on I didn’t enjoy it. I love hustle and bustle but for me, Delhi was too much.

What to Know

India is a big ass country with a big ass population, over 1 billion people now. India is a poor country in many parts, with poverty quite obvious. Try and be straight with people and don’t give people too much time if trying to buy something or they won’t leave you alone. Food be careful where and what you eat.


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