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Where: South America

When: 2014

Placed I visited(4): Lethem, Georgetown, Kaieteur, Barima-Waini


Kaieteur Falls was incredible and the best thing I did in Guyana. The single drop waterfall is the largest of its kind in the world and is often forgotten about in South America.

Flying on charted airplanes in Guyana, and briefly flying one was an epic adventure! On the way to Shell Beach the pilot gave me the controls!


In Guyana the locals aren’t really focused on tourists, they seem to let them be and are too involved in their own country than worrying about others.

The food in Guyana is caribbean like so is tasty and delicious!

Its rather untouched Guyana and thats what makes it beautiful. Tourism isn’t huge so it allows for the adventourous type to revel in what Guyana naturally has to offer.


The travel is pretty atrocious in Guyana. From border town Lethem to Georgetown it would take four hours on a normal built road and route, but through the jungle and countryside it takes around eighteen hours!

Mosquito’s are very aggressive in parts of Guyana and have a high amount of malaria in them.

What to know

Guyana is very different to most the other South American countries. Its language is English, and is more a Caribbean country than Latin. The culture isn’t Latin at all. There are no hostels in Guyana so hotels are key to staying here.

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