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8903361-vector-illustration-of-man-s-grunge-foot-print-Stock-Vector-boot-print-footprintI’m the creator and head administrator for over 60 travel groups via Facebook. Most begin with ‘Backpacking’ and ‘Travelling’ such as groups for Backpacking Central America or Travelling USA.o n t h e r o a d (3)[edsanimate_end]

Back in 2011 I was networking online with some people through the chat forums via Lonely Planet. Out of the all the kind people I kept in touch with and added to Facebook one was a girl from Norway called Brit. We discussed going to South East Asia for a short time and created the original, that was called Southeast Asia 2012!. The whole creation of the groups began from there.


It is now simpled called: Southeast Asia 

Despite being over 9k members full now, it had a heartfelt bunch of backpackers providing regular and updated information.  This encouraged me to solely create more groups, some out of request, some of my own benefit, some for fun.

South America soon came, as did Australia, Europe and another one for South East Asia.

These groups are for people to comment, help, tip, meet up and question things about that particular region or country. The groups are monitored and any spam or unrelated content is deleted when pending. We now also provide reputable recommendations to the groups, that may come with links. These are to provide genuine, vetted options to members and to answer FAQ’s. Don’t be surprised if you’re tagged in to a post that answers your question, it’s there for you to take it or leave it! We hope you take it! All recommendations come from first-hand experience of myself, group members or seasoned travellers. 262785_10151256460212893_1260204800_n

Please use them responsibly as they will definitelyboot-print-e1417380617699 be helpful for you on the road. We all take guidebooks but if you are online, you may get a better, quicker, more personal answer on something. If you are alone and want to meet up with someone, this is perfect for that.

If you are a travel agency, company or publication and are wanting to reach out to the members of one of these groups, we do allow the occasional marketing campaign, as long as it’s relevant to the members. This will be ultimately agreed with me.

If you want to discuss, please go to the Work with me page to make contact.

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