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Where: Latin America

When: 2016

Places I Visited: Havana, Trinidad, Vinales, Playa Giron


Roaming around the old town in Havana was pretty unique and really got a feel of the novelty of Cuba. The cars and old buildings were a picture in every sense. Havana looks very run down in many parts but really isn’t dangerous or it certainly seems that way.

Vinales was probably my favourite spot in Cuba and is very much like Vietnam in SE Asia. It has mogotes in the distance and some decent walking and hiking tracks. I loved the simplicity here and the laid back attitude.

Trinidad was close as it was a real African-Latin culture with plenty to look at. Cobbled streets, buskers, tasty food, markets and salsa bars with Playa Ancon only 20 minutes away.


Cuba is new but old. It has the romantic feel of a old fashioned country and certainly keeps the eyes glued. It has quality classic cars and a personal feel about the place. Nothing is too modern and out of touch that lacks personality in Cuba.

The people are really friendly and have no anger towards tourists. There are some beautiful areas that are worth checking and the history of Cuba is utterly fascinating. I’ll definitely be back.


Cuba can be frustrating due to the lack of urgency and customer service, difficulty getting anywhere via bus and the bland food.

Havana especially looks a little too dark at night and can be off putting to go out at night despite Cubans having no real qualms about travelers.

What You Should Know

Cuba is a bit different from everywhere else. There isn’t WIFI unless you buy WIFI cards for 2 CUC and then find a WIFI area and park.

There are two currencies – CUC and CUP. CUC is the one tied to the US Dollar and for tourists, CUC is difficult to obtain as its local pesos for the locals.

There are no dorm bed hostels outside of Havana.

Book everything in advance and make sure outside of Havana you’re traveling with someone to share room costs. Casa Particulars or are like AIRBNB’s in Cuba, you rent the room out and they are normally 30 CUC per night.

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