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Where: South America

When: 2014 + 2015

Places I visited(10): Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Ilha Grande, Salvador, Morro De Sao Paulo, Vitoria, Itacare, Brasilia, Boa Vista, Arraial D’ Ajuda, Onca Da Praia


The World Cup was the main reason I visited Brazil and as you can imagine, was pretty epic. Rio is such full of life with the mix of City, Favela’s and Beaches.

Carnival for the brief time I spent there was full on! Party and parades in the streets make this yearly event the best carnival in the world.

Favela tour in Rio was an eye opener and one of my lifelong trips. I look at the Favela’s and think ‘life’ and its exactly what it was, people everywhere.

Itacare was an unexpected trip which I ended up spending 11 days there. Cheap delicious food, yoga, Jungles, beaches and Caprahinhas  took up most of my time here.


Brazil is awesome for parties and beaches. The two pretty much go together in Brazil and in Rio especially where it must be the most fun-filled City in South America.

Football. The Brazilians love football. I love football. You can get a game on the street or on the beach pretty much anywhere in Brazil.

The size of Brazil makes it bigger than central Europe. There is so much to see in Brazil you can spend YEARS here without feeling fulfilled.


Brazil was a bit rough and worrying at night especially. It feels a bit uneasy and you have to keep your guard on at all times.

It takes a while to travel everywhere in Brazil because of the size of it and that can be frustrating at times albeit an adventure.

Salvador was very unsettling, especially at night which didnt really allow for a enjoyable experience.

What to know

English isn’t widely spoken in Brazil, so brush up on your Portuguese. Be careful at night, as crime is rife in parts of Brazil. It isn’t cheap cheap in Brazil but cheaper than Europe, Australia and the States.

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