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Where: South America

When: 2014

Places I’ve visited (3): La Paz, Rurrenbaque (Amazon Pampas), Uyuni


Everything that I did or saw in Bolivia was a highlight. I remember having one crazy week that like everyday it was something. First was Death Road, which was an amazing day tour. It had great scenery and it was thrilling too. A must!

Visiting the Amazon has been a dream since I was a child and I got to do it in Bolivia. After a short-chartered flight, I got to go anaconda hunting, piranha fishing, and caiman spotting. Being thick in the Amazon and seeing so many exotic creatures was a dream.

The Salt Flats in Uyuni needs no introduction, especially the photos that are carefully created by travellers today. The place had the end of the world feeling.


Bolivia one of the cheapest countries for foreigners in South America and makes it a popular spot for backpackers especially.

Activities wise, Bolivia is probably the best in South America. Death Road, Salt Flats and exploring the Amazon are the main three, however there is so much more to the Cities and mountain terrains that make Bolivia a real travel location.


Locals are quite odd and rude to foreigners it seems. Multiple travellers and myself have experienced this so just expect it may happen also.

The food isn’t great all round and getting food poison is more likely to happen in Venezuela than anywhere else.

What you should know

La Paz is at a very high altitude nearly 3000m above sea level. This can be annoying for some who are prone to altitude sickness. Bolivia is a landlocked and can get cold at times.

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