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Where: South America

When: 2014 + 2015

Places I visited: Buenos Aires, Iguazu, Mar De La Plata


I practically lived in BA for a month or two. The City itself is my favourite out of the whole of South America; Beautiful looking, stylish people, great architecture and delicious food. La Boca was fun to visit and to eat steak at multiple steak houses for 20 dollars made it a real good time!

Iguazu, the mammoth waterfall that is split between Brazil and from a distance Paraguay was more majestic than I could have imagined. Its definitely the prettiest waterfall in South America and a must visit.

Boca v River. Anyone in Argentina or who loves football will know what this means. This game is huge. Albeit my visit was for an Exhibition game, the atmosphere was electric! Boca!


BA is very European like, cosmopolitan and easy to settle in, which is ideal for travellers. Unlike some other cities in South America, you feel at home straight away in BA.

Argentina has the best steak IN THE WORLD! Look away Vego’s, the steak here is mouth watering.


La Boca is very contradicting of itself so don’t be fooled. One the one hand you have the tourist spot, colourful streets and good food. The other side is very rough and robbing’s do occur frequently.

Thing to know

Currency can be changed unofficially on the ‘black market’ so you get about 30% more for your money (US Dollars).

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