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20 Weird Things You’ll Miss When You Leave Southeast Asia

There are things in Asia that just don’t exist anywhere else. There are moments we continuously experience that wouldn’t happen anywhere else in the world. Asia’s warming culture, vast destinations and unlimited possibilities make it a favourite for many of us. All of that combined, with the determination to do ‘something different’ at least in comparison to the normal day-to-day life and money in our pockets in an affordable place brings out the best in us. We are happy, we are tanned, we are outgoing, we are learning and most importantly we are free.

I don’t need to go into the amazing things in Asia, they are for all to see. As I mentioned in my last article, Asia captures souls and truly never lets them go. It will always be our travelling home to many of us.

The last article about Asia that I wrote, which you can find here, received an instant and great reaction to you all. I’m glad it connected with many of you, and I assume it made you become inspired, reminisce and laugh all in one.

Well, after looking through the comments, I’ve decided to through another list together. This time, it will be about the weird things you’ll miss in Asia. These ones might make you laugh, and for anyone who doesn’t know what any of this means, well, get yourself to Asia and you’ll soon find out.

The ‘Bum Gun’

First on the list and probably one of the most missed, the easy-to-use ‘bum gun’ is an Asian speciality. With plumbing systems in Asia not the most fluent, you’re encouraged to throw away any toilet paper in the bin. However, with the bum gun around, just wash away ever so quickly and you’re done!

Ring of Fire / Kings Cup

The game that is probably played more than any other, is a perfect way to get people interacting and inevitably drunk. Get a deck of cards and your drinks and everything else will take course. The rules are often changed up (different numbers for different rules).

Never Have I Ever

The game that most ladies dread, ‘Never have I ever’ often leads to uncomfortable(although kinda funny) sex questions. Hold your fingers up, if you’ve done something someone else hasn’t, drop one and drop your drink!


Another drinking game makes the list and is a little bit more fast paced! It’s basically a game of selection, trying to keep up the speed. The one who stutters, drinks!

7-Eleven Cheese & Ham Toasties

The last time I checked these were 27baht (in Thailand) and are a perfect cheap snack and awesome for drunken food. If you want your western-food kicks after too much Asian delights, you can’t go wrong with these!

Extremely Strong Buckets

Buckets seem to have made their way across Asian shores in countries like Australia, but it really doesn’t fit. Buckets are for Asia. Half a litre of spirits, a soft drink and normally an energy drink that is probably non existent anywhere else in the world makes the liquid sandwich. As for the latter ingredient, the M150 energy drink is pretty mental! That stuff will keep you awake for sure!

Getting Laid A Whole Lot Easier

There seems to be something in the water in Asia, and this goes for people of all ages. People just seem to be open to getting laid quicker. Whether it’s the alcohol or the happy vibes, backpackers especially become closer together frequently, often leading to hook ups.

Eating Odd Food

If you’ve ever been to the Philippines I’m sure you’ve heard of Balut before. You know, the raw egg with a chicken foetus still inside? Well that is so weird (although add salt and vinegar it tastes nice). If you’ve walked down the realms of Bangkok’s, Khao San Road, you will have definitely tried a fried scorpion I’m sure!

Getting Attention

Being a foreigner you will generally get attention in countries in Asia, well, because to them you’re money. Tourism is huge in Asia, and you’ll often be touted for many things such as massages, tours or drinks. I think we all can admit we crave a little attention; it is like walking down the red carpet at times.

Cheap Meds

Say if you need some antibiotics, or perhaps some malaria tablets, Asia seems to hand over what you want at a fraction of the costs in European and American countries for example. If you’re leaving Asia, make sure you stock up!

Riding Mopeds

The best way to travel around Asia, especially on islands and rural areas, is by Moped. They are so much fun and you have such a sense of freedom. Ok, there are accidents, and it doesn’t help when just about anyone is offered to ride them. Make sure you wear helmets!

From Babies To Pigs On Bikes!

This is hilarious! Go to Vietnam, especially Hanoi or Hoi Chi Minh and you’ll see some strange things on the back of bikes. You’ll even question if it’s even possible to carry the weight. From newborn babies, to tied up pigs to sofa’s – Asian bikes have no limits!

Fresh and Cheap Coconut

It’s pretty hard to resist to not take an Instagram shot of you lying on a beach with your fresh coconut not giving a f*** about life. Them coconuts made me survive the many days I was dehydrated (and hungover). So good, and so cheap!

Muay Thai Fights

Where else could you go in the world to watch and participate in the demolition of any two human beings in the act of mixed martial arts? Muay Thai fights are regular, and provide a whole lot unabated yet aggressive fun, especially in the Thai islands!

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, paper, scissors is a great game, but when you’re playing it with the locals its even more so. I’m sure some of you have met that cheeky yet adorable young girl roaming the streets of Bangkok, playing this for single Roses? All fun to an extent, although very sad to see and hear about why young kids have to do that is another story.


The tuk-tuks are awesome! They look jazzy and is a perculiar way to ride in style in. Although nowadays the prices are a lot more than a normal taxi, tuk-tuks represent Asia like any other element.

Going Bowling in Laos

Laos has a strict curfew, but in Luang Prebang you can continue your partying with fellow revellers by going BOWLING! Bizarre but vibrant, keep the beers flowing whilst you try get a strike! Good times.


Whatever you’re into, being able to get a massage for next to nothing is an option we all miss. Whether it’s a foot massage, full body or happy ending (admit it guys), the art of massaging is everywhere in Asia and so relaxing!

Elephant Pants!

You know when someone has been to Asia when they are wearing hippie-like Elephant pants. Each to their own and all, they are comfy but look a little silly outside of being in Asia. Still, if they feel good who cares!

Being Feet Free

You might not miss seeing this but you may definitely miss feeling it. How many feet did you see in Asia? Flip-flops or thongs or even barefooted babes trouncing around Asia. It’s so humid I couldn’t possibly think of it being any other way.

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