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Losing Weight On The Road: 10 First Hand Reasons To Why

Everyone is a foodie nowadays. We all love food, and travelling provides us with the opportunity to try something delicious and authentic.  I see all these ways to lose weight or to get ripped. Man, the world is full of them. Protein diet’s here, and weight loss tablets there. Does anyone know that you can just go travelling and it’ll peel off? Well, we all know the myth that is spoken of, on the road.

“Guys lose weight, girls put it on”. 

I’m sure you’ve heard that before whilst on the road, right?

I can’t give you, the reader, the answer to that of course but what I can do is give you some idea of why the weight does come off when you hit the road, especially long term. This may not be relevant to a weekend away, but from a long term traveller like myself, I’ve witnessed it first and second hand.

I’ll probably write an article that contradicts this one completely, talking about how good it is to explore the new foods on the road, but what I have found is that travelling really shifts the weight.

The Partying

Hitting the bars and clubs or consuming alcohol are the biggest social tools out there. For most people, the more you party regularly, the more chance you have less of an appetite the next day. You may have slept through breakfast or just not felt well enough to eat anything at all.


Depending on where you are of course, but if you’re living it up in the environs of Spain, Colombia or Thailand the humidity will fill you up. The thick air that swarms around you will fill normally fill your stomach up, leaving no room for anything extra.

New food

We all love trying new food on the road, right? It is one of the highlights of travelling and many people travel because of the options. However, the foreign bacterias new to your body will be broken down easier too, meaning trips to the toilet may become more common, and it maybe not be all solid either…

Exploring on foot

Exploring! Especially on a budget, we’ll walk and explore to places unknown. Before you know it a whole day has passed and you’ve been on your feet seeing this new city or destination. You are exercising without knowing it! If you add in all the activities you might decide to do, such as several day hikes then you will certainly be shifting the calories!

More sex

Sex can become more frequent on the road, especially if you’re backpacking, staying in hostels or partying a lot. The curiosity of us all to other nationalities will bring us closer, and one hour feels like one day together. In addition to that, there are no reputations to keep on the road, no ‘man-whore’ this or ‘she’s a slut’ that, no, there is a freedom when it comes to our sex lives that many tend to explore more frequently than normal.


This is a bit of a contrasting point because as we know its common to not get our recommended hours of sleep whilst we are travelling, we seem to constantly be playing catch up! However, all them long overnight journeys do add up, and quite simply when you’re sleeping, you are not eating.

Getting sick

Whether it is a virus, the food, the parties or you’re run down from a combination of things when you’re sick on the road, you’re sick. Your intake will be medication and water, and even then you might not keep it from being thrown back up. Add in some sleep and a few days later you’ll be thinner than normal.

Smoking more

Not to encourage this terrible habit, but in some countries cigarettes are DIRT cheap. You ask any smoker if a pack of 20 costs say, $2, they will be smoked very quickly. Smoking is something that suppresses the appetite too, leaving you less hungry.

Getting wet

If you’re in a hot destinations or doing some sort of excursion, your water intake will be a whole lot more. If you are drinking more water, this sometimes can fill you up and put you less off eating.

No stress

Travelling in all kinds of forms is something we associate with a free lifestyle and depending on what you are doing, stress free. Stress itself is a huge cause for many oddities, including putting weight on. So, the less stressed, the less you weigh!

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